Fashion and Events

Guests gathered from all over the island to see Moda Calidas fashion shows and latest swimwear collections for Summer 2016. Avid followers were not disappointed in these most recent presentations.

Designer Dolores Cortés offered a rainforest inspired collection infusing florals with animal prints capsulating a tropical feel throughout her collection. Using light patterned fabrics for maxi dresses and colourful lycras for swimsuits and bikinis. This collection was cool and fresh.

Theme: Tropical
Key items: Shoulder tie maxi dress cover up. Coral ruched bikini.
Colours: Aqua, fuchsia, white, coral, blue, pink, purple.
Print and Pattern: Florals, Swirls and animal print.
Trims and materials: Lycra and cotton.

Designer Aurelia Gil, Aurelia’s creativeness knows no bounds, this fun edgy designer showed us the ultimate in swimwear chic with a safari twist! With low cut Lycra swimsuits, visors and sneakers, this was the quirkiest most fun collection yet. As the safari bongo drums played the models were happy to strut their stuff along the catwalk.

Theme: Safari Kenya
Key Items: Culotte shorts, white Lycra playsuit, High waisted buttoned skirt, Criss cross mono, PVC Maxi skirt with metal ring detail and jumpsuit.
Prints and patterns: Plain/neutral
Trims and materials: PVC, Lycra, Calico, Cotton, and Metal.

Designer Gottex created a colourful lineup. The presentation offered two-piece bikinis in strikingly patterned Lycra fabrics, which complimented floaty kimonos and dresses. After these came very chic but elegant shiny Lycra one-piece swimsuits and monokinis teamed with shiny gold accessories.

Theme: Romantic and dreamy meets chic.
Key Items: White and Gold plunge swimsuit, chiffon dress, and Shiny Lycra monokini.
Colour: Fuchsia, White, Pale blue, Raspberry cream, Pink, Purple, Black
Print and Pattern: Chevron stripes, Vintage florals.
Trims and Materials: Lycra, Crochet, chiffon,

Designers of Banana Moon brought together a mixture of Aztec, block and floral patterns to create the most variety out of all the collections. Accessorized with straw beach bags and hats the collection definitely brought a mix and match beach inspired theme.

Theme: Holiday
Key items: Aztec bikini, Fringe Floral Bikini.
Colour: Jade green, orange, black, white and turquoise.
Print and patterns: Aztec, floral and block.
Trims and materials: Lycra, fringe, chiffon and Jersey.

Agua Bendita was a bold collection featuring strong prints and designs. Material tied fringes and trims adorned bikinis and crop tops bringing us up to date with 2015. While plunge neck swimsuits were tied with intricate lacing. This collection caught the eye from the get-go.

Theme: Patterns
Colour: Mixture, Kaki, Blues, Pinks, whites, turquoise, purple.
Print and patterns: Army print, abstract and stripes.
Trims and materials: Fringe, Cotton and Lycra.

Carlos San Juan offers pure fashion to those fashion addicts among us. His collection screamed sex appeal featuring a twist on the bandage bikini, bold solid colours gave this collection an eye popping clean-cut look. The men’s swimwear complimented the ladies swimwear offering his and hers style for any couple who love to match.

Theme: Fashion forward
Key items: Bandage bikini and colour block briefs.
Colours: Jade, purple, green, blue.
Print and patterns: Plain
Trims and materials: Bandage wrap

Lenita and XTG Possibly two of the biggest swimwear designers in Europe did not disappoint! Celebrating their 30th anniversary this array of fashion came complete with a full on runway party. The models wore high cut crystal swimsuits, studded bikinis, patterned leggings ranging from beach to sportswear. Serenaded by two male vocalists as they walked down the runway the party continued in full flight. The style and theme turned to Rio carnival and models were allowed to have a little fun and show off their dance moves, along with the latest designs.

Theme: Carnival in Rio
Key items: Crystal Swimsuit, studded bandage bikini, Lycra shorts, hooded top and Indian headdresses.
Colours: Mixture
Prints and patterns: skulls, studs, sheer panels, stripes, zig zags and Aztec.
Trims and materials: Lycra, spandex and cotton.
Aurelia Gil Safari inspired Collection72dpi



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XTG Mens swimwear 72dpi