Moda Calida Swimwear Fashion Gran Canaria 2016

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Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Collection Taken by Juliet Kim Bates Moda Calida 2016


Moda Calida Swimwear Collection 2016

Designers had lots in store for guests this year at one of Gran Canarias biggest fashion events Moda Calida. Held in Melonares Expo the show headlined a two-day fashion event. The preview of the 2016 Swimwear collection presented the kind of sleek, modern look we’ve come to expect from many of the islands favourite designers. Revealing capsule collections that varied from ornate, bold and elaborate, to elegant, understated and timeless.
Banana Moon, Hipertrófico, Alida Domínguez, Calima, Elena Rubio, El Barquito De Papel, Arcadio Domínguez, Livia, Dolores Cortés and Maldito Sweet to name but a few were amongst some of the most sort after collections all inspired by different ethnicities, shapes, patterns and styles.DSC_4798



Crossier Swimwear showcased an amazing collection inspired by a Roman/Greek theme, working with strong patterns and gold metalics, lycra and chiffon.





Aurelia Gil presented us with another fabulous collection, inspired by what only can be described as a futuristic theme, we saw structured pieces teamed with soft floaty separates a beautiful contrast of Lycra’s and lace which fitted perfectly with this collection.DSC_5584



Gottex brought the ready-to-wear collection and continues to deliver the classic swimwear that they are known for – dresses and kaftans in chiffons and cotton. There were also of course, glamorous bikinis and simple swimsuits in vibrant lycra with delicate embellishments.



Dapresa made a strikingly bold statement in black and red. Paired with leather and body stocking, this collection was one of my favourites a definite showstopper.



Agatha Ruiz De La Prada gave us a kaleidoscope of colours and no shortage of fun and flirty creations in this collection. Hearts seem to be the main inspiration with bold shapes and striped patterns topped with bright pink fluffy wedged platforms.

Moda Calida always leaves us wanting more. Until then I hope this can satisfy your fashion swimwear hunger until 2017!!!!!!!

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